The Catalonian Association of Convention and Meeting Organizers was founded in 1986. It is a blanket organization for specialists in the organization of meetings, commonly known as PCO (Professional Conference Organizers). Member firms must surpass a very demanding admissions process.


Organizing events, whether conventions, congresses or meetings, involves being able to combine a series of services and activities in and from a variety of fields and suppliers. Planning and coordinating each element requires detailed, careful and step-by-step control.


A professional convention organizer is a specialist in the organization of conventions, congresses, meetings and other similar events, including seminars, symposiums and workshops to bring together a group of experts to debate and further their knowledge on a common topic of interest.

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The PCO Catalonia Guarantee

A Congress & Convention Country

Catalonia is a major world tourist destination. Some of the most important international corporations and societies have held their congresses and conventions in Catalonia, with Barcelona being a world-class reference. GironaLleida and Tarragona are also destinations with ample added value.

PCO 3.0

Today, social networks are an essential element for communication and listening to what clients have to say. PCO Catalonia is present on Twitter, to follow the latest news and events of the MICE sector and provide information about activities and our own events.


The professional experience of PCO Catalonia member firms is a guarantee that events attain the expected and desired success, both in terms of excellence as well as in the quality of the management. Technological innovation is also one of its main values.

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Where are we?

Plaça de Gal·la Placídia, 1, 9º 2ª esc. A
08006 Barcelona
Tel. +34 93 416 12 20
Fax: +34 93 415 84 66


  • Facilitate the necessary information and advice to select the best professionals in each field.
  • Endorse the professionality, experience, leadership and quality of its associates and members.
  • Establish, maintain and promote contacts and collaboration with national and international bodies.
  • Promote synergy, professional union and collaboration among firms associated with PCO, its associate and collaborating members.
  • Be part of PCO Spain and receive information generated from this organization.
  • Promote Catalonia and Spain as a destination for national and international conventions and events.
  1. Visibility and increase prominence among member firms, collaborators and institutions as well as Public Administration decision makes in the convention and meeting sector both Spain and Catalonia.
  2. Participation in the PCO Catalonia know-how network and in events organized by the association to promote the sector with recognition by businesses and professionals.
  3. Receive updated information about the sector, especially from the media (clippings).
  4. Direct communication and dissemination channel with PCO Catalonia and its main executives.
  5. Promote synergy, professional union and collaboration among businesses. Strengthen and reinforce effective contacts.
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