Professional Congress Organizers—known as PCO—are specialists in organizing Conventions, Congresses, Meetings and other similar events, including seminars, symposiums and workshop. Such organizers seek to bring together a group of experts to debate and further their knowledge and understanding of a common subject of interest.

The main task of a PCO is to free the association, institution or company with whom it is partnering from the heavy load involved in organizing such an event. The PCO becomes a temporary business partner of the body contracting it.

Professional Experience

All members of our Association have surpassed a demanding admissions process. This process certifies certain standards of quality for the services offered, which is a continued concern. Likewise, the laborious quality control to which members are subject guarantees their professional excellence. This professionalism, together with experience, guarantees the success in the organization of any institutional, business, scientific, professional or social encounter.


The growing complexity when organizing meetings, together with the many services to be coordinated, dictates that companies dedicate and focus all of their efforts and resources as each venue requires specific specialization. Members of our Association are dedicated in full to the organizing of congresses, symposiums, conventions and meetings. Specialization is the only means to guarantee excellent quality, unquestionable reliability, effectiveness in economic profitability and success, thus leading to prestige for the event, its committee and end client.


The Association guarantees the leadership of its business members. With at least ten years of experience in the sector, all members have achieved an outstanding name in the field of Congress and Meeting Organization.


Events have an important social and economic component. Thus, resources (whether human, economic or technological) must be controlled by men and women with solid principles and an elevated sense of responsibility. Association professionals provide the relevance of these aspects and their actions prove it.


Today, new technologies are the best tool to attain a successful Convention. Members of PCO Catalonia have the experience and the latest technology to guarantee effective and efficient convention management of each phase of the process.

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