Organizing an event involves a wide range of services and activities from an equally ample variety of sectors. Planning and coordinating each aspect requires careful and detailed control of each phase of the process.

The guidance and cooperation of a Professional Conference Organizer guarantees success. At the same time, it leaves an ample number of technical tasks in the hands of a highly qualified team that counts on the most advanced technologies and the necessary network to deal with any and all needs of the event.   Contact a PCO to turn your idea for a congress or event into a reality allows you to foresee and estimate each aspect of the various phases making up such an organization.

PCO companies offer the following services:

  • Draft a tailor-made project.
  • Present candidates.
  • Draft a timeline for the event.
  • Fully coordinate the event.
  • Technical Secretariat: Contract and coordinate all essential services.
  • Administrative Secretariat: Handle entries, registrations and accommodations.
  • Scientific Secretariat: Coordinate speakers, guests and handle “abstracts”.
  • Create the congress image.
  • Abstracts and summaries of all presentations.
  • Organize commercial exhibit.
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